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How to Use Loyalty Card

How to Use Loyalty Card

How to Use Loyalty Card

18 January 2024

Already know how to do it , just click login button below 
But if you need help read on

How to Use LOYalty Card when ordering online  

Step one
If you have NOT ALREADY REGISTERED WITH THE WEBSITE, click on the person icon on the top right.
Register for an account. If you gave an email address when you signed up for a loyalty card, make sure to use the same one.

Step two
Once you have registered for an account or if you already have an account, click the loyalty tab.
Add your loyalty card to the account using the same email address.
From now on, every time you log in to this account and purchase something, points are automatically added.

It won’t accept your email / or says another email is associated with that account.
No problem. Email us with your details and we will make sure the email address you use now corresponds with your loyalty card.

I don’t have my loyalty card number.
No problem. Email us with your details and will check your number and issue a new card if necessary.
Myself and my partner share a loyalty membership for our family. How do I add points but pay with my own credit card?
That’s not a problem. You need to log in with the same account associated with the loyalty card. At checkout you can use your own credit card.



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